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Vob converter

Vob Converter is a sub-method for DVD Creation, which provides a function for converting video files to VOB format. The output Vob files can be used in DVD Compiler and Disc Burner.

Add video files. All formats are supported.
Delete selected clip from list.

Move up the clip order in DVD playback

Move down the clip order in DVD playback . Arrange clips order in your favorite DVD.

Parameters setting. More And Advance Information (default value recommend).

Choose DVD disc capacity. DVD - 9(8200MB) and DVD - 5(4300MB)

Step 1: Edit Function

1. 1 > Define Duration It's enable you to choose your most favorite part in clips through setting the start point and end point. The clip during the start and end point will be converted and compiled to DVD. you can move the slider under the preview window. Left slider define the start time and right slider define the end time. You can type start time and end time into edit box also.
1. 2 > Snapshot click to capture current frame and save it to your PC (*.jpg or *.bmp).


Step 2: Start conversion task

2. 1 > Output folder The target DVD will be saved in the Output folder which you could choose to directly burn to disc next time.
2. 2 > Select the output DVD format (NTSC or PAL)
2. 3 > Start conversion.


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