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DVD Ripper Software - Convert DVD to AVI WMV MPG MP4, all other popular video formats.

Q: How to convert Video DVD (or music DVD) to AVI WMV MP4 or other video formats and save it to hard disk .

A: You need a DVD Ripper Tool to convert your DVD to AVI or some other video format files,
The following softwares meets your need : "Alldj DVD Ripper", "Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum", "Alldj DVD To AVI Converter".

Q: I have some problems play the AVI file how to do ?
You need the AVI file playback codec, please click here to download the ffdshow codec.

Q: How to rip a DVD to avi with original AC3-5.1 audio track ?

A: As you know original DVD ac3-5.1 surround audio has the high quality experience than mp3 audio, so if you rip dvd to avi we recommend choose original AC3 surround audio. there are 3 software for your choice: "DVD to AVI" , "DVD Ripper" and "DVD Ripper Platinum" .

Step by step how to use Alldj DVD ripper rip dvd to avi with original ac3 surround audio :

1. Download the software "Alldj DVD Ripper" or "Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum", if you are sure you only want to convert DVD to AVI you can choose the "Alldj DVD To AVI Converter" .

2. Install and run the software . Load DVD from DVD Disc click the "Disc" button . or if you have copied the DVD to youar hard disk, you can click the "path" button to find your source dvd folder. then , the software will analyse the DVD and list all the DVD title .

User guide step by step :

1. Run the DVD Ripper software, load DVD from DVD disc or DVD folder from your hard disk.

2. Choose the DVD title. (generally, the software will choose the main tilte automatic).

3. Choose DVD audio and subtitle language.

4. Set the begin and end time (defult, it will convert all the title time, so if you need extract part of the dvd you just set the begin time and end time).

5. If you have other especial requirement you can adjust all the other output parameters, such as Audio Format, Video Format, video frame rate, video quality, and video resolution (width and height).

6. Click the Start button to start the conversion job.

Alldj DVD Ripper Screen picture:

Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum Screen Picture:


Q: How to extract a picture from DVD?

A: After you load the DVD, choose the DVD tilte, you can drag the time button or set the Start Time box to picture point. Then click the button under preview box .

Q: How to disable the subtitle in the output file?

A: Just choose the "Disable" in the Subtitle drop down box.

Q: What's the "Video Quality"?

A: The Video Quality is the output file video bitrate, 1500 kbps is a good choice if you need a good image quality. increase the video quality will increase the output file size, reduce the video quality will reduce the output file size. 1500 kbps will output a file size about 2GB with 3 hours movie (720x404 image size).

Q: How to increase the output file sound volume ?

A: Just drag the Volume slide bar.

Q: What's the "output image setting" "video resolution" , and how to keep image aspect ratio ?

A: As you know, general, the DVD image size is : 720x480 (NTSC DVD) or 720x576 (Pal DVD), they are all not the standard DVD image aspect ratio. When you watch the DVD on TV or PC, it will be resized to 16:9 (720x404) or 4:3 (720x540) to keep the aspect ratio.

So, maybe you find the problem, the original DVD image size is not what you are watch on TV and PC. when you rip the movie out you need to resize the image and keep image aspect ratio, our DVD ripper will do it for you automatic, many other company's dvd ripper will lost the image aspect ratio.

You can adjust the video resolution to set the output image size.
There are 3 choice for your needs:
1: Original Size and Keep Aspect Ratio . this option will output the Original DVD Image Size (automatic keep aspect ratio, and you can't adjust the width and height).
2: Custom Size and Keep Aspect Ratio (default setting). this option will let you adjust the image width, and the software will calculate the height to keep the DVD image aspect ratio.
3: Custom Size with Custom Aspect Ratio. this option will NOT calculate the width and height, so you can adjust the width and height number, but maybe you will lost the image aspect ratio in the output file.

DVD to AVI, DVD to Mpeg, DVD Rippers for fair use only. Do not use this software for breaking copyright laws cases