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DVD To iPod Ripper Software - Convert DVD to iPod compatible MP4 video file, so that you can play DVD on your iPod.

Q: How to convert Video DVD (or music DVD) to iPod compatible MP4 Video file ?

A: You need a iPod DVD Ripper Tool to convert your DVD to iPod.
The following softwares meet your needs : the all-in-one software "Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum", "Alldj DVD TO iPod Ripper", "Alldj DVD To
iPod/iPhone/Apple-TV Ripper

How to choose a DVD To iPod Ripper ?

1. "Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum" : Rip and convert DVD to iPod/ iPhone/ Apple-TV/ PSP/ PDA/ Mobile-phone/ AVI/ MPEG12/
MP4/ FLV/ Zune/ WMV/ MOV, etc.

2 "Alldj DVD To iPod/iPhone/Apple-TV Ripper ", Rip and convert DVD to iPod iPhone and Apple-TV.

3 if you are sure you only want to rip and convert DVD to iPod you can choose the "Alldj DVD To iPod Ripper " .

User guide step by step :

1. Run the DVD Ripper software, load DVD from DVD disc or DVD folder from your hard disk.

2. Choose the DVD title. (generally, the software will choose the main tilte automatic).

3. Choose DVD audio and subtitle language.

4. Set the begin and end time (defult, it will convert all the title time, so if you need extract part of the dvd you just set the begin time and end time).

5. Choose the iPod Profile to fit your iPod device.

6. If you have other especial requirement you can adjust all the other output parameters, such as Audio Format, Video Format, video frame rate, video
quality, and video resolution (width and height).

7. Click the Start button to start the conversion job.

Alldj DVD To iPod Ripper Screen picture:

Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum Screen Picture:


Q: How to extract the DVD audio track from DVD and save as MP3 file?

A: After you load the DVD and choose the title, please click the "To Music" page button.
Click the "Audio" dropdown-list to choose the audio language track.
If you did not need to change music parameters just click the "start" button to start the job. it will extract the audio from DVD

Q: How to extract a picture from DVD?

A: After you load the DVD, choose the DVD tilte, you can drag the time button or set the Start Time box to picture point. Then click the button under preview box .

Q: How to disable the subtitle in the output file?

A: Just choose the "Disable" in the Subtitle drop down box.

Q: What's the "Video Quality"?

A: The Video Quality is the output file video bitrate, 800-1200 kbps is a good choice if you need a good image quality. increase the video quality will increase
the output file size, reduce the video quality will reduce the output file size.

Q: How to increase the output file sound volume ?

A: Just drag the Volume slide bar.

Q: What's the "output image setting" "video resolution" , and how to keep image aspect ratio ? (for Alldj DVD Ripper Platinum)

A: As you know, general, the DVD image size is : 720x480 (NTSC DVD) or 720x576 (Pal DVD), they are all not the standard DVD image aspect ratio. When you watch the DVD on TV or PC, it will be resized to 16:9 (720x404) or 4:3 (720x540) to keep the aspect ratio.

So, maybe you find the problem, the original DVD image size is not what you are watch on TV and PC or iPod (iPod support 640x480 480x480 480x320 ) . when you rip the movie out you need to resize the image and keep image aspect ratio, our DVD ripper will do it for you automatic, many other company's dvd ripper will lost the image aspect ratio.

You can adjust the video resolution to set the output image size.
There are 2 choice for your needs:
1: Keep Aspect Ratio : this option will output the file compatible iPod and automatic keep original aspect ratio. (software will add the blank letterbox to keep aspect ratio)
2: Stretch to full screen : this option will lost the original DVD aspect ratio, and stretch the image to full iPod screen.

Q: How to choose profile to fit my iPod device ?

The profile is our developer predefined parameters :

iPod Profile  
(320x240 AVC):Normal Quality : Video :H.264 ,320x240 ,500kbps ; Audio 64kbps 44100Hz
(320x240 AVC):Excellent Quality: Video :H264 ,320x240 ,700kbps ; Audio 96kbps 44100Hz
(320x240 MPEG4):Normal Quality:Video :MPEG4 ,320x240 ,600kbps ; Audio 64kbps 44100Hz
(320x240 MPEG4):Excellent Quality: Video :MPEG4 ,320x240 ,800kbps ; Audio 128kbps 44100Hz
Mini (320x240 AVC):Excellent Quality: Video :H.264 ,320x240 ,800kbps ; Audio 128kbps 44100Hz
(640x480 AVC):Normal Quality: Video :H.264 ,640x480 ,750kbps ; Audio 64kbps 44100Hz
(640x480 AVC):Excellent Quality:Video :H.264 ,640x480 ,1000kbps ; Audio 96kbps 44100Hz
(640x480 MPEG4):Normal Quality: Video :MPEG4 ,640x480 ,1500kbps ; Audio 64kbps 44100Hz
(640x480 MPEG4):Excellent Quality: Video :MPEG4 ,640x480 ,2100kbps ; Audio 128kbps 44100Hz
iPod Video2 For TV (MPEG4): Video :MPEG4 ,640x480 ,2200kbps ; Audio 128kbps 44100Hz
iPod Video2 For TV (AVC): Video :H.264 ,640x480 ,1200kbps ; Audio 96kbps 44100Hz
MP3 iPod Music

As you know iPod only support the especial MPEG-4 and H.264 video format files.

All type of iPod support MP3 music such as iPod 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB, etc.
iPod 30GB : 320x240 MPEG4 format recommend.
iPod 80GB : 320x240 , 640x480 MPEG4 format recommend, or H.264 video format.
iPod 160 GB : 320x240 , 640x480 MPEG4 format recommend, or H.264 video format.

Q: What's the "Display name" and "Artist Name"

Apple iPod will not display the file name as computer, but it will display a especial name saved in the MPEG4 and H.264 file, the name is the "Display Name".
For example: if you set the "Display name" as "Happy_Feet", your iPod will display the file name as "Happy_Feet", even your PC display it as "0056.mp4".
that's means your iPod and PC will display the name in two different name. you can change the "0056.mp4" to any character in PC, but you can't change the name in iPod.
The "Artist Name" is the iPod video and audio Artist Name.

Q: What's the "Option" ?

It was used to define the custom profile and the default audio/ subtitle language.

If you did not know how to set the parameters , please just keep the default.