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Why you need this software ?
Because the JVC (MOD) and SONY (MPG) harddisc camcorder movie file is not a DVD standard file, even you can't play it in some player.
If you have JVC harddisc camcorder or Sony harddisc camcorder you need this software .
About the "JVC MOD MPEG rebuilder".
First , the software is a Freeware, you can install it and use it free.

This software will help you rebuild your JVC (MOD) and Sony (MPG) harddisc camcorder movie files to DVD standard VOB file .

It runs very fast , so, if you want to create DVD from JVC MOD and Sony MPEG you did not need to convert the mod and mpeg file again.

As the software will output the DVD standard VOB files , so you just need Super DVD Creator to compile it to DVD .

first download the software http://www.alldj.com/sdvdc/mpeg_rebuilder/mod_mpeg_rebuilder.exe, install it .
Download JVC_MOD_MPEG_Rebuilder 1.0
How to use it and work with Super DVD Creator :
Step 1 ) run the mod_mpeg_rebuilder first , add all the mod or mpeg file to the list , setup the "Working Folder" . then click the run button .
it will rebuild the mod and mpeg file to DVD standard VOB files .
Step 2 ) run the Super DVD Creator , and click the "DVD Compiler" button , add all the VOB file to the list .
actually this step you can design the DVD menu , for more information please see super dvd creator "how to design DVD menu"
Step 3 ) Adjut the VOB files order (sequence) by select one clip and click the "<-" and "->" , the end DVD will be played with the same order .
Step 4 ) You need to attent the "DVD Image Ratio" at the right side , if it was 4:3 then click it will switch to 16:9 .
So, if your movie is 16:9 you need to click it and switch to 16:9 .
Step 5 ) Click the next button and the burner window pups up , just setup the "Output Folder" and choose the burner speed.
Then click the "start" button .
After you click the start , the Super DVD Creator will compile the VOB files to DVD and save to "output folder"
then ,it will burn it to blank DVD Disc.
Or you can burn the DVD folder use some other burner software, such as Nero.

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